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Ali Adeli

The first sujud means that I was mud clay in the beginning, and as I raise my head from sujud, it means that I came to the world from the soil. The second sujud means that I will again return to the soil, and as I raise my head from sujud, it means that on the Day of Resurrection I will rise up from the grave and be summoned.

Imam Ali (as), [Bihar al-Anwar, V.82, P.139]  (via sange-saboor)

(via ishq-ast-abalfazl)


حضرة أمير المؤمنين علي ابن ابي طالب (ع) من الداخل 
The place where ‪‎Imam‬ Ali was assassinated in a ‎mosque‬ in ‎Kufa‬ during morning prayers. #yaAli 

عظم الله اجورنا واجوركم بذكرى استشهاد اسد الله واسد رسوله علي ابن ابي طالب (عليه السلام) .. 


Saudi terrorists goes to blow up civilians, Norwegian doctor comes to save them. What a difference.
كان يسجد لله مسبحا ..
و يحمد الله و يكبّرُ ..
و اذ بسيف يغزو نحرهُ ..
و الدنيا صاحت يا سماء اعصفي ..
قد اصيب امير المؤمنين علي ..

لبيك يا علي .. لبيك يا علي ..

Salawat upon Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his household.